A wholesale pet food distribution company with five locations nationwide needed a trustworthy backup with a diverse skill set to fill in for the jack of all trades IT director as he traveled to work at other locations to complete the integration of their warehouses. In order to fulfill this dynamic role, the company reached out to Bridge Technical Talent to find a consultant capable of covering all IT operations and fulfilling business needs.

Business Objectives

  • Increase capacity of IT department.
  • Source a system administrator with a diverse skillset to serve as a backup for the IT director during time of travel.

Bridge Solution

Bridge Technical Talent helped to develop the right job description and find the matching resource to fill the gap in the IT team. Key success factors:

  • Bridge partnered with the company to narrow down what was actually needed, uncover the right skill sets required, and built out the job description for that exact resource.
  • Found the system admin with this very difficult blended skill set.
    System admin was able to cover network upgrades, maintenance, and overall health of IT.


  • Additional Revenue: Helped increase market presence and speed to market and is anticipated to increase their gross revenue by 18 percent in the first year and 25 percent in the second.
  • Additional Capacity: Allowed the IT director to complete his travel and assist in the early opening of a new distribution warehouse in another location.
  • Improved Product/Asset: IT maintained and improved upon when needed.

It was important for us to find a trustworthy backup with diverse skillset to fill in for our IT Director. We thought that it would be near impossible to find a jack of all trades to fill this dynamic role, but Bridge was able to find someone that allowed our current IT director to travel to other locations without worrying about his team in the corporate office.