Many information technology executives are now leading manufacturing organizations in their pursuit of capital efficiency and long-term competitiveness. Our experience spans national and global manufacturing organizations, each facing a unique challenge.

We’ve partnered with the newly maturing organization that’s beginning to see IT as a business driver as well as the manufacturing entity pursuing data marts with the long-term vision of improving build time. In each scenario we work in tandem with IT leaders to move their organization forward.

Managing Manufacturing Data

Information Technology holds more responsibility than ever. Harvey Nash’s 2020 CIO survey stated that over six in ten respondents agree or strongly agree that their influence has increased. Therefore, having an IT team experienced in orchestrating data storage, accurate analysis, and the presentation of insights is of utmost importance.

We’ve assisted executives as they integrate the tremendous volume of data produced by manufacturing activity into MEP & ERP systems. We partner with CIOs and Director’s of Infrastructure as they drill down on which cloudy strategy is optimal for their business and then gain budget buy-in from the C-suite. As we look ahead to robotics, video, and IoT, it’s clear that designing, optimizing, and managing data so that it securely reaches the right decision makers, will continue to be the backbone of manufacturing success.

Why connect machines on the factory floor to your network? What can my organization expect from prioritizing business intelligence?

  • Improved product quality while simultaneously decreasing inventory costs, energy costs, and product defect rates.

  • Visibility into resource availability.

  • Reduced machine downtime.

  • Streamlined scheduling and inventories.

  • Informed planning that is critical to profitability.

Bridge’s Manufacturing Successes

Our demonstrated success includes targeted enhancements to complete reinventions of an organization’s capabilities. We connect tech leaders to qualified consultants or full-time employees who provide immediate value while also building towards the organization’s long term vision.

  • Bridge partnered with Client A in 2016 as they piloted their effort to become a digital-first organization. Bridge placed an ERP administrator and process engineer to streamline systems and data.
  • Two years later, we connected Client A to their Director of Business Intelligence and have since built out the entire department to include a Data Platform Manager and three Analysts. The organization is now at the forefront of utilizing data to identify efficiencies and produce new revenue streams.
  • Bridge has been essential to this client’s Year of Expansion, working alongside Client B as they’ve brought on 10 employees in the past nine months.
  • Bridge connected Client B to their Director of Electrical Engineering. The Director of Electrical Engineering is focused on re-engineering patented products for cost efficiency while maintaining or improving the item’s quality, as well as managing a team of 25 engineers.
  • Bridge connected Client B to their Salesforce Administrator who is responsible for the enterprise-wide Salesforce deployment and SF report customization for various business units.
  • Consulted Client C based on their specific challenge of creating prototypes in line with their 2020 distribution objectives.
  • Connected Client to an Electrical Engineer, who was highly experienced in the specification, design, layout, and assembly of prototypes (Altium Designer Software).
  • Within three months, Bridge’s contractor ensured the project was on target, and prototypes were passed to the next stage of quality assurance.

We thought that it would be near impossible to find a jack of all trades to fill our dynamic IT Director role, but Bridge was able to find someone that allowed our current director to travel to other locations without worrying about his team in the corporate office.

CIO, Wholesale pet food distributor

Bridge’s database administrator understood the importance of getting all of our companies onboard with EBS quickly and cost-effectively. Hiring this consultant saved us nearly $400K and helped us ensure we could fulfill all of our business requests.

Director of Information Technology, Software development organization

Our company was facing a major compatibility issue with our existing technology and our client’s resources. Bridge’s consultant helped us stay connected to all of our clients regardless of technological differences and lifted a huge weight off of our shoulders.

IT Programming Manager, Software development organization

Bridge connected us to a DevOps expert who filled the skills gap between product development and QA, accelerating our time to market and streamlining operations.

Director of Software Development, Financial management software

Bridge acted as a business partner to our organization and helped us create a set of acceptable operating standards that will keep all HIPAA regulations intact as third-party companies develop products on our behalf. Bridge championed the process for us and was instrumental in identifying and resolving issues.

CEO, Regional health insurance provider

The addition of two junior network administrators with extensive knowledge in all of our technologies helped us free up our senior level team members to take on complex technical challenges. Our productivity soared as a result of the consultants’ work.

Director of IT Infrastructure, Furniture retailer
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Data Management
Infrastructure and Support
Digital Transformation
Project Management