Client Under Backlog of Help Desk Tickets Employs Bridge Talent to Provide Resources and Implement New Processes

A leader in co-axial transmission line technology and production, Bridge Talent client provides the broadest range of transmission line solution for military, aerospace, wireless communications, and industrial applications.

Faced with the need to deploy 15 laptops, Bridge Talent client’s help desk team was paralyzed with back log tickets and unable to tackle laptop roll out during a time of rapid growth.

Challenge 1: Clear and close help desk ticket.
Challenge 2: Deploy laptops for 15 new employees.

Bridge contacted an IT specialist to prioritize new and ongoing help desk issues, develop solutions for critical issues with customers and employees without dragging the system and creating a backlog.

– Rework help desk function to run efficiently and eliminate the risk of future backlog:

  • Developed new process for locating and posting tickets, making it easier to receive and escalate issues.
  • Roll out new employee laptops to relieve help desk workload.

Increased Productivity: New laptops were immediately deployed and new hires were up and running.
Improved Product/Asset: Wait time on help desk issues reduced by over 40 percent. Resolved backlog from 80 to 0 tickets.
Industry: Manufacturing
Skillsets: Help desk, Tech support
Technology: Windows, Linux
Roles: IT specialist

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