In the Midst of a Stalled In-House Platform Launch, Client Contracts with Bridge Talent and Project Advances to the Finish Line Six Weeks Ahead of Schedule

As a producer and distributor of a range of analog and digital imaging systems and related IT solutions for industrial applications, the Client maintains focus on the printing industry and health care sector. Internal development team began a build/launch of internal web app designed to create new revenue stream of collected data.

In-house development team with pressing deadline, realized urgent need for project-specific team members. With the goal of a quick build and release of new features in mind, the project lacked solid Quality Assurance (QA) foundation and manpower to reach completion.

Bridge talent team quickly identified key areas where support was thin, augmented the QA portion and assisted in project completion: 6 weeks ahead of schedule, without the addition or overhead of a full-time resource.

– QA Consultant with app development specialty would ensure speed to market:

  • After a swift 2-week ramp-up, Bridge contractor took on feature release responsibilities that resulted in maintaining project momentum.
  • Developed proof of concept case.
  • Web Dev resource built out and launched platform.

Additional Revenue: New product launch provided new revenue stream from collected data and preserved a competitive advantage.
Improved Product/Asset: External expertise produced elevated product value and features.
New Resource: After initial project completion, 6 weeks before the deadline, Bridge contractor was asked to remain for the project’s next phase.
Industry: Technology, Software engineering
Skillsets: Application development, Project management, Proof of concept
Technology: UI/UX, Java, Javascript
Roles: QA consultant

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