Bridge Help Desk Experts Rollout Extensive Statewide Mobile COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics for Nonprofit Health Care Provider

Longstanding and trusted Bridge Talent partner, a health care provider, needed quick and skilled action to set up remote COVID-19 vaccine and care clinics with the goal of each location administering more than 1,000 vaccines a day. Particular focus on serving lower income and uninsured clients with no patient turned away without care.

The client’s existing system and team lacked equipment, personnel, and infrastructure to set up multiple remote locations, manage and collect sensitive data at substantial volume on an incredibly short and time-sensitive deadline.

Bridge assembled a team of 12 help desk experts to build and manage the required help desk platform for a 7-day week, staying ahead of demand.

Additional Revenue: Bridge mobilized a 10-lane drive through vaccine clinic—Connecticut’s largest—one of multiple mobile vaccine clinics statewide.
Improved Product/Asset: Project was on time, accurate, and exceeded expectation.
Placements: 12
Length of Contract: Six months, or until demand subsided
Industry: Health care
Skillsets: Help desk, Network connectivity, Numerous new remote locations
Technology: Windows Office 365, Help desk, Overall IT support

Projects come up.
Demand fluctuates.
You need to grow.

A contracted workforce offers crucial flexibility as your needs change.