Bridge Consultant with Rare Expertise Saves Client $300K in Unnecessary Expenditures

Health insurance provider, with over 450,000 members, aims to develop and implement benefit card program for out-of-network and interstate insurance claims.

In-house team lacked headcount for the scope and scale of new product implementation. Internal estimate was for a contracted team of 4 to 6 consultants.

Bridge Talent secured a specialized consultant with rare domain expertise and reduced the project scope to a single contractor who designed the project and lead its in-house team through to completion.

  • Product design
  • Created roadmap for project implementation
  • Led development team in project execution

Cost savings: Project was streamlined to one external resource, down from estimate of 4 to 6 people, saving the client more than $300K in costs.
Improved product/asset: Project was on time, accurate, and under budget.
Inspired new resource: Consultant extended to a one-year contract.
Placements: 1
Length of Contract: 1 year
Industry: Insurance
Skillsets: Domain expertise, Roadmap, Implementation, Scope
Technology: Proprietary

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